Australian Kids' Story Book Sales

Australian kids books on sale.

A series of beautifully illustrated young kid’s books available online for sale Australia wide at affordable prices in paperback, ebook and video format. Entertaining enjoyable children’s books that are good for bedtime stories about Australian Aboriginal kids and fictional Australian animals. Read Australian kids’ books extracts before you buy the best Australian kids’ books available in stock from our online Australian book shop.

Aussie Bush Story Books and Movies

Join the outback adventures in the Aussie Bush Tales ebooks and movies for sale online. Good fun enjoyable bedtime stories about three mischevous Aboriginal boys go exploring exciting mysteries in the Aussie bush. Learning the tales of their Aborigianl ancestors and trekking across the magical red desert land of Australia.

These colourful beautiful, full-page illustrations, humour and fun kid’s books are lovingly combined in these engaging story books. Aussie Bush Tales are great to listen to, read, share and enjoy. Bring the joy of reading at a child’s early reading age using vissually stimulating books with good fictional stories for young children.

Aussie Kid's Books and Movies

The Aussie Gumnuts children’ book are a series of ebooks and movies for sale online about a lovable group of Australian native animals, and their fun, fantasy adventures. Illustrated in beautiful full page colour because we know kids are visually stimulated at an early age into reading. 

In these refreshingly charming stories, curiosity leads to lots of exploring and learning. The Aussie Gumnuts overcome difficulties and find new adventures and friends along the way. Aussie Gumnuts are great to listen to, read to kids or read by kids, share and enjoy.


Nicola developed an early fascination for the unusual landscape and wildlife of Australia. Mountains and rocks, scorching sun, brilliant blue skies and tall swaying gum trees. He loved the smell of eucalyptus and exploring the wide open spaces. He also aquired a deep and lasting respect for the traditional ways of Australia’s first people, the Aboriginal Australians. To read Nicola’s stories is to share his love of this wonderful land called Australia.


The Aussie Bush Tales were written in collaboration with Nyoongar Aboriginal friend, Phil Walleystack. Phil is a talented writer and musician who sings, plays guitar and is considered to be Australia’s best didgeridoo player. Coupled with his great sense of humour and genuine love for his country and his indeginous culture, Phil is fast becoming an Aussie icon. He travels the world performing stage shows accompanied by an orchestra, dancers and his inspiring theatre group. Phil is the consummate entertainer.